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I’m running not because I have any great ambition for a political career ... I’m actually quite happy to be out of the limelight! But what’s happening in our rivers, and in our government, is a tragedy. I’m more afraid of what will happen if I don’t run -- if nobody steps up to make a change. I’m capable, and I’m passionate about this cause, these people. That’s why I’m running -- for them.

Mary Wescott Higgins

Current News

Florida All Aboard, a proposed high-speed passenger rail service between Miami and Orlando, has emerged as an important issue in District 82. Florida All Aboard is a private company controlled by the New York City-based Fortress Investment Group hedge fund. They plan to run 32 passenger trains a day on the FEC tracks that cut through our area. Mary has issued a statement on this project. READ MORE →

Rebublican Voters

For Sugar-Free Politics

Traditional Republican voters have a painful reality to face. The Republicans in Tallahassee are now Teapublicans. The Florida Republican Party has been taken over by a well-funded radical fringe which is focused on representing special interests.

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Lost Summer

For Our Environment

June 17 marked a dubious environmental milestone. On that date, year-to-date total discharges of toxic Lake Okeechobee water into the C-44 canal and from there into the St. Lucie River and Indian River Lagoon and beyond, equaled the total discharges from 2013.

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Florida Healthcare

For Our Health

In 2013, the Florida House of Representatives chose to reject $51 billion in federal money to pay for the expansion of Medicaid to cover over 1 million poor Floridians who currently have no health insurance coverage.

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