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For Our Health

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Rebublican Voters

For Sugar-Free Politics

Traditional Republican voters have a painful reality to face. The Republicans in Tallahassee are now Teapublicans. The Florida Republican Party has been taken over by a well-funded radical fringe which is focused on representing special interests.

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Lost Summer

For Our Environment

The lost summer of 2013 was a stark reminder that our rivers are an essential source of our quality of life and the engine of our economic well-being. No issue is more important than restoring and maintaining the environmental health of our estuary.

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Lost Summer

For Our Schools

Mary moved to Port Salerno with three school-age children in 1986. Martin County's excellent school system was one of the main reasons she chose to relocate here. Martin County still has excellent schools, ranking 3rd of Florida's 67 county school systems.

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